About us

Hi, I’m Jessica! Our Wedding Party came to be when my fiancé Timot and I were planning our destination wedding in Mexico. With our family and friends making the effort to travel for our wedding, we wanted to build a warm and inviting atmosphere in which guests would feel included in all of the fun and connected throughout the weekend’s festivities.

Timot and I were pretty busy from the minute we arrived with all of the rehearsals and pre-event prep. OWP helped our guests recognize and connect with each other directly and meetup during the in-between event times both at our resort and to explore the nearby town. At our welcome fiesta we loved seeing guests laughing and chatting together who didn’t know each other previously, and making connections which continued through to our wedding and the epic reception dance party!

We hope you enjoy customizing your own guest gallery and leveraging OWP to help your family and friends connect and make incredible lasting memories throughout your wedding weekend!